August 26, 2011

The happiest People/ announcement

I come from a place where people don’t have much but where happiness is all around. One of those places where you learn since a very young age that people matter not things.

Today I leave you with this (thank you Pinterest)



Thank you for coming to visit. Thank you so much for your comments and your friendship. Although your kindness could never be measured, in return I will be doing a super duper giveaway in the weeks to come. Spread the word to help me reach 200 followers to those who are real, sincere and would be truly interested in my style of blogging and writing. It’s not just one more follower, I look at it as one more friend.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Thanks for making me smile today Viv!

  2. this post made me love you even more! thanks for being you, FRIEND! :)