July 12, 2011


Summer is the BEST! I feel fortunate to have been able to do so much and to take advantage of the sun and the outdoors. One of the things we’ve done a lot this Summer has been this:

P6151050    P6151053

What can I say:…we LOVE tennis in our family

Want to see them in action?

How about this?


or this?


But can we all agree that this by far is probably the best kind of tennis?


  Oh baby! You are definitely a natural. Glad you enjoy tennis as much as the rest of your family.


What have you enjoyed the most this Summer?


  1. Ah, you have such a cute family. I love that you're all sporty and active. And this little buttocks up in the air is the sweetest... :)

    Enjoy your summer while it's here.
    Talk to you soon, 'kay?

    Alles Liebe dir!!

  2. Fun! My dad and I used to play Tennis, he is so good at it (me not so much!) and that little baby butt... too cute!

  3. I love the tennis bum shot. ;-) How old do you start them in lessons? I remember playing tennis as a kid... loved it. It's been years!

  4. aw such fun shots! I love the ones where you can see that amazing sky in the background!

  5. Love summer time with the fam! And yours is too cute!
    Tambien, feliz cumpleanos a tu nena!