July 8, 2011

The tale of an arepa

Ever heard of Arepas? If you haven’t you don’t know what your missing. If you have I must confess I like you…I really really like you.

Because my social circle is composed of friends from so many other nationalities and backgrounds, I confess it’s always my mission to show them  one of the most authentic dishes of my homeland. 

I’ve even gotten my Mexican friend hooked. I confess and can’t deny it that sometimes I want to scream when she wants to add that hot and spicy Tabasco sauce to them. That’s not what arepas are supposed to go with! You spread butter or add more cheese or even chicken and meat. But you know good old Mexicans; even their candy has to be hot. They train them since babies to withstand the effects of SPICINESS.

Well, welcome to my world! As bland as it may seem to others, to me is full of flavor and I confess I can eat one of these every single day.

I confess gaining weight is not even the issue here. If you see how we Colombians are skinny people then they MUST be OK. The issue is I wish I could be eating them while in an outside patio of one of those fast food arepas places in Barranquilla as the Latin tunes and the coastal breeze touch every sense of my body.

I confess I can still happily settle to eat them with my Mexican friend even if to my surprise (and baby’s surprise) she adds Tabasco sauce to them.  P6271107





  1. I have never heard of arepas, but the fact that you're supposed to add butter makes me an instant fan. I love the look on your baby's face, haha!

  2. Never heard of Arepas. But then I am a landlocked Wyoming girl and we don't get out much ;)

  3. OK I had to go see what they were and they sound wonderful.. nom nom nom.. minus the Tabasco for me as well.

  4. Those sounds amazing! And right up my alley. I might try them this weekend!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and your very sweet comment :)

  5. I confess... I've never heard of arepas before but they look SO GOOD! I'm going to have to try this now!

  6. Never heard of them, but it looks and sounds yummy!

  7. I confess, I love how full of life your blog always feels when I stop by to visit.