July 15, 2011

Slow down

This day I was not the designated photographer. Remember I don’t have a camera?? See here


I wonder though, if had I been the one taking the pictures, would have I noticed of the signs of affection between these two or would have I been preoccupied with getting the right shot at the right angle with the right lighting. Would have I screamed then? I do now.


Think these picture are “so cute.?” And that young “love” is sweet? Sure! But not when it involves my daughter. She calls him her handsome prince. Not like he is not handsome, in fact he is also the most well educated and talented boy to be around…around 20 years down the road. So for now SLOW DOWN!

With all my LOVE,

De parte de tu madre sobreprotectora, temperamental, paranoica y celosa pero amorosa, inteligente moderna, segura…mejor dicho: VACANA! (From your overly protective, hot tempered, paranoid and even jealous but loving, smart, hip and confident Colombian MOM)


  1. LOL all I can say Vivi is to tell Katrina to get in line. Jared is a heartbreaker it's already been ask to get marry hahaha this is SO FUNNY!! Ho sea es mi culpa por estar fijandome en la luz y ni cuenta que estos dos tortolos estaban agarraditos de la mano! no sabes como cambia la carita de Jared al saber de Katrina y mas cuando mi esposo le canta esa cancion que ya sabes Jared and Katrina no serian una mala parejita especialmete teniendo una comadre y consuegra como tu jajaja salieron lindas las fotos no? besitos amiga

  2. The young love is just making me smile! I remember how simple and sweet it was at that age! So cute - LOVE these photos too :)

  3. aww super cute. loving the pictures. i know what you mean. i wonder how my son will be at her age.

  4. Oh, I feel your pain! But they are just so cute. You'll have to display these pictures at their wedding reception--in 20 years!

  5. Wo, I can relate, growing up so fast. Darling pictures, looks like a fun day!

  6. Awww... I think it is so sweet, but might be feeling the same way as you if she was my daughter. I must say though, they are quite the photogenic pair!

  7. How cute is that?! Love that she calls him her handsome prince! But I totally know what you mean about when it involves your lil one! The only girl by son is allowed to love (he is one) is me!! Hahaha yep I'm that mom ;)