July 1, 2011

Project Mitt Romney

What a super busy week! I’ve been on the go for 7 days straight and I need a break badly!

Friends have been visiting from out of town. It has been fun, but let me tell you, entertaining others can be as exhausting as being on vacation yourself. No regrets though; spending time with my childhood friends is the best antidote for my homesickness.

On one of those crazy days I made some of my adorable guests come with me to “work.” I know my sister in law and some close to me are about to fall off their chairs when they read this, but one of my little projects lately is campaigning with this guy:


Mitt Romney, presidential candidate, visited Utah last week and I joined him and others while he dined at this pretty cool hamburger joint and my hangout place as a college student.


This family event was specially a blast for the kids since they were spoiled with several rounds of ice cream



He met and greeted with local officials, the media and prospect voters. Among those my children. See video minute 5:24 my Kati takes the courage to personally go to him.  I was unaware and actually quite entertained eating a greasy cheeseburger while her little body managed to squeeze in among the crowd and the cameras. Happy to report she is learning of the importance of public service.

With Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. Awesome Awesome guy and now Cancer free.


What can I say…we like politics and we turn it into a fun family affair.


Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Vivian! Happy Friday too. It's always a priceless day whenver we spent it with the family, whether in fancy restaurants or a burger chain, happiness means family! :)

  2. So how exactly does one campaign for Mitt in a state like Utah? I think it is a given just as certain as the sun rising tomorrow that he will win the primary in that state. Katy looks so cute there.

  3. Hmmm, I'm actually a little bit jealous! I'm a total Mitt Romney fan!