July 13, 2011

It’s official

From this two years ago:


To this today:


Baby turns two today.

A bitter sweet day.

Two years with many beautiful memories.

Excited to see what this new year in this little person’s life may bring.

I don’t like that she is growing to fast…right before my eyes.

In my perfect world she would ALWAYS stay like this (OK… she can grow as long as she promises to dance for BYU):


We have a special party planned for her and her loved ones will be here for her.

I think I want another baby (there I SAID IT!!) 


  1. Hello Vivian! Happy Birthday to your dearest daughter. I think we are connected somehow because it's my Dad's bday today. Enjoy the party!

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  3. Happy Birthday baby girl! :) she's 2 such a big girl! She's so beautiful. My little man turns 2 in 2 weeks. Seriously it's so exciting to see them grow up so quickly!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I hope your party was fabulous! Well, Vivian, you do make some of the CUTEST babies I have seen. I don't blame you for wanting more.

  5. What a sweet birthday girl! I just saw her bday cake on your last post, it looked amazing!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little girl has the sweetest smile! What a fun milestone for you all to celebrate! :)