July 10, 2011

I’m SO NOT a hiker

Because we had friends over from out of town and me being the great friend and host I am, I wanted to do it all and show them as much of what this state and city has to offer. The problem is I didn’t count on my husband’s idea of hosting (very different from mine) which included several outdoor programs among those: HIKING.

I’ve lived in Utah for over 15 years and never been to Mount Timpanogos Cave. It took a lot of convincing and obviously someone’s visit from thousands of miles away for me to do this. I am not a hiker (and I don’t camp either). I could care less about the pretty trees and the green mountains, as I am sweating gasping for air to get to the top, specially when you are stuck carrying a backpack with a 30 pound baby, for a mile and a half, in very steep conditions, because you your husband has forgotten the sweaters you will be needing to explore the lovely 45 degree temperatures of the inside of the cave and as a result has had to drive back to town to retrieve them. Then do not talk to me about the nice view! If I really want to take nature seriously and I want my kids to do the same: take me to the beach. 



I didn’t take any pictures and you know there must be something wrong with me if I’m not playing with the camera, but there are two things that I’m extremely grateful for:

1. That there are camera phones

2. The very last words from the park ranger as we were finishing the tour of the cave:

“ These caves and its many caverns were discovered not by the most avid and experts hikers but by regular common people who had one thing in common: Desire and Drive. The drive to discover what was on the other side of the rock. The desire to follow a small beam of light that eventually would turn into the exit and finish line.”

And that is ME and I can’t believe it took me until the end to figure it out. And then my complaining stopped.

Hope you always remember to go for your dreams don’t matter how hard they may seem for good things do happen to ordinary people as well.

P.S. I’m about to embark in a pursuit of a dream. I would have never made up my mind if it wasn’t because of the lesson learned that day. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. I LOVE hiking. Timpanogos is a cool one too, my dad and I used to go all the time. Good luck this Friday!

  2. At least you look cute hiking! :o) You look like a natural! Myself and my family are big hikers. We really love going to see caves and waterfalls! Beautiful!

    Good luck with whatever it is that you're planning!! :o)

  3. I love to hike. Granted I haven't gone hiking in years. Great job. I'm sure it was rewarding in the end.

  4. Love this post! I'm not a camper or hiker either, but have done it a few times since being married {like maybe twice in 6 years} I'm right along with ya! Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm attempting Zumba, but have no rhythm so I have to do it early in the morning while everyone is still sleeping :)

  5. Such a cute, active family! We love hiking too and dream about sharing it with our kiddos. Such a good family event with fresh air and exercise!


  6. Looks like a great time! I love to hike!

  7. Sounds like a rough trip, but I am sure it was gorgeous at least! The pics aren't loading for me for some reason! :0(
    Good luck on pursuing your dream!!!

  8. Oh wait a minute, the pics are showing now. Looks like it was a hot day, too! Your kids are adorable...your little girl looks like a diva. :0)

  9. oh i am not an outdoors kind of gal either, but you look great in that picture of yours :) i'm actually trying to take on a hike all on my own let's see how that works out.

    however, i do hope you had a marvelous time with your friends being in town :D