July 5, 2011

Celebration with a Latin flavor

I guess I should say we weren’t all Latin, but we ALL have the Latin lifestyle and flavor in a way or another.


We wore red, white and blue with the exception of a few who truly believe black thins you out.

The “Madre” against all corrupted food gave in because after all it’s the fourth of July and it’s America’s celebration so instead of carne asada a cheeseburger for all it was. But of course we couldn’t call it a party unless the flan and arroz con leche were part of the menu.


I felt very patriotic this year. Can you tell by my porch? Can’t say the same about the music this night.  Salsa and Merengue kept us shaking our hips.

I understand there was some kind of game going on TV, maybe a soccer game of some sort, but who am I to know? Only the the husbands would know; they came out for food and we never saw them again after that.

Toto’s first year (finally!) of actually not hiding in his room for fireworks made mama proud. It was obvious baby will not follow in his footsteps. She is a FIRE CRACKER  for sure!

P.S. And a chocolate lover, too



  1. I love your fun collages. I can tell you had a great 4th!

  2. Fun! We had greasy burgers too... yum, yum (with a few regrets on the side).

  3. Great shots!! Holidays should always be spent with family and friends celebrating! Looks like ya'll really enjoyed it! :o)

  4. How fun! I know you guys must have had a blast, bc you hispanics know how to get down and shake them hips ;-) I'm so glad you had a great 4th with that sweet family of yours.

  5. aww such a great 4th! definitely loving the latin flair in your celebration! there's nothing like spending quality time with your family :)

  6. Hey I still think that salsa and merengue can be just as patriotic these days! America is a melting pot. What would we do without our Latinos to give us some rhythm...lord knows we don't have it on our own :)