June 30, 2011

Second chances

I love weddings. I live in a state where people get married…a LOT. Needleless to say I am attending weddings almost every week. Some are short and simple, some are elegant and quite the production. However they must be, they all have an idea behind them: A new beginning. 

I’m up for new beginnings, for they bring hope and a chance to make it better.

This is the story of a long lost love that was finally possible, a story of patience for good great things come to those who wait, and a story of second chances for sometimes your first love is not always your true love.

And I was pleased to be part of that story. 

My friend Julie married Lino. With 7 children between both of them, their family is AGAIN complete. One sensational couple!  



  1. Wow, you're really being busy going to weddings!!!!!!!! I'm going to one later this summer but I sort of got fed up with weddings around 2003-2005 when nearly all my friends got married. Still hoping some other friends will get married, though... I like your idea of weddings as new beginnings. That's true!!

  2. Ahhhh, I love weddings for so many different reasons! And this wedding sounds amazing :)

  3. aw (:
    i love the idea of "weddings as new beginnings"
    i love weddings!
    and i love this post (:

  4. I love second chances! They come with all the excitement that first chances bring and all the wisdom that comes from experience. :o) They make a beautiful couple, good luck to them!

  5. Congratulations to your friends! They will have a full house with seven children! I always cry at weddings. I can't help myself. :)

  6. New beginnings...a perfect example of simple things. :) Thank you for linking up, beautiful!