June 1, 2011


If I could and if I had more time I would blog a lot more often. There are so many experiences, thoughts and ideas worth sharing to the world. Unfortunately there is also a time and place for everything and now my time is to be a Mother.

In case you didn’t know one of my other lifelong passions have been POLITICS. I come from a family of them and have worked and volunteered in the field of local politics. My voice is my vote and I believe that I can make a difference and that there are still those who are truly serving for the proper reasons.  

With that said, TODAY I AM LOVING THAT I MET THE MAN WHO CHANGED A COUNTRY. A man of value and courage to fight for freedom and good ethics. The man loved by a country and an example for those living and the many generations to come.

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Alvaro Uribe, the Ex-president of Colombia visited Utah last week as the main speaker of the Zions Bank trade and Business Conference.  He was the first president of Colombia in more than 100 years to be elected for two consecutive terms, from 2002-10. He achieved significant results in the fight against illegal armed groups (guerrilla) and gave a country back its peace and back to the people.

The day before his appearance in the conference, he attended a small private event  held for some of the Colombians in leadership positions in the community and business ventures. I was invited and it was an honor.

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Meet the man who that night in his own words said he would live to serve his country until the end of his days. Him and I had the opportunity to have a small conversation about where I came from, who I was and where I was going. We talked a little bit about the church (we Mormons are cool) and marriage. I’ve known my good share of influential people in the world and been around the rich and famous but this meeting had to have topped it all.

**Shak, if you are reading this you know that this doesn’t apply to you and as always you know our deal: “more than the object of fame, you are the object of my affection,” you are MY FRIEND** 

He was a president, for me always my president. You can take the girl out of Colombia but Colombia can never be taken out of the girl. And I am grateful I was able to share that with him.

And the view from our table overlooking the Salt Lake Temple. Isn’t it beautiful?


With Ivan Duque, in his 9th year working with President Uribe


My friend Carlos, also from Barranquilla. Watch for him in the LDS motion picture of the New Testament to be released in the future.


And two years ago when I was pregnant with Baby we had the visit of Ex- president Cesar Gaviria who served one term from 1990 to 1994. He came to speak at the University of Utah Annual World Leader’s Lecture. And I met him, too

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  1. What an amazing experience!! Lucky girl :)
    That is a beautiful picture of the Temple!
    And you have an adorable family! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Your's is super cute too. The pics of your kids on your header are absolutely precious!

  3. That so exciting you got to meet and speak with someone you admire so much! We love politics too.

  4. Thanks so much for participating in Follow Me Wednesday! I'm your newest follower! What an awesome opportunity for you to meet the ex president. Yep, the weather there in Utah was kinda cloudy and rainy while we were there, but I'm so glad that it was sunny and nice on the day that my brother got married!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad to have found you! I share your love of politics and would love to be more directly involved {having 4 kids makes that a little difficult}. And have you really met Shak??? I'll try to get past my envy. This looks like it was a great day.