June 5, 2011


I used to think I was invincible. That as someone very sure of herself, no matter what anyone else did or said, it could not affect me. That I’ve never really cared for the opinion or acceptance of the things that I do and that I’ve done much good that has come right back to me.


Sadly, the reality is that the jealousy, anger and bad vibes of many are abundant.  And as someone rather wise recently told me: “You can be as invincible as you want to be but your loved ones can still be the recipients of the bad energy and even betrayal. Your children are small and breakable; it could be very easy for them to suffer the effects of those wishing you evil” Now this is quite intense, I had never looked at it that way and now I don’t feel as invincible as I thought I was.  When it involves the most precious gift I’ve been given, then it’s serious business and I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. I am grateful for having the knowledge and guidance on how to protect them. Not that it always works, not that it will always work but I tried my best and that is what matters after all.

I would REALLY like to believe that no one out there is wishing that upon me and my family.  But I see how certain outlets of our daily live can change our mind from bliss to hell. The media, the news even Facebook are so negative so often. Not that they have targeted me directly but they have affected me in a way because I have a sensible heart and I care.

I’m sorry but right now it’s not the time for me to be bombarded with the “drama” of others. I have too much going on, to much to fix that I need all my energies focused on what’s most important: my life my family.

Hope you know that my life is not perfect by no means but I will always work to share the good in things and uplift others with what I have to offer. Ultimately, my goal is to find complete happiness and I wish the same for you.

Blogging is good. It feels peaceful. There is so much good been shared in this world of blogging. I have fell in love with it and are very appreciative of the sincere support of many throughout this venture. I can only foresee good and better things to come.

Talking about the two invincible men in the sport of tennis, the best two tennis players of our generation and probably ever.  Seriously, I can’t get enough of both of them. Separate or together they are FIRE! Here four minutes of some extraordinary plays by these two on the final of the French Open. (Wish I was there). I really really REALLY want Toto to be the next Rafa...or Roger…either one works fine for me…


  1. blogging is such a good outlet. I hate the drama and the mask that facebook and blogging can have. It can really hurt feelings. But on the other end it could be used for such great things.

    I hope no one is "wishing you evil!!" Keep your chin up!

  2. I used to feel invincible...before I had my daughter. I didn't fear anything, now I can find the danger in just about anything! I'm hoping that feeling eventually goes away b/c I miss feeling like nothing could stop me! :o)

    As far as the negativity of facebook. I agree. I hardly ever use mine anymore because all the whining and complaining would wear down on me. So far I haven't encountered any of that on blogger, but I'm sure it's out there. I just choose not to follow blogs with mainly negative content. I'd much rather live in a happy bubble. :o)

  3. I just came across your blog, AND I'm really liking it!! :)

    I totally agree with you on Facebook. I come to terms where I just want to delete FB because of the negatively and drama! Note to self: I know when I get in a future relationship I will not post it on Facebook! I hated people knowing what was going on! Call me crazy!