June 3, 2011

I confess we don’t get along


I confess ever since the digital camera era, I’ve had numerous cameras. Hmmmmmmm: Say 12?

I confess the worst part of it is that I have had that many, not because I’m always looking for the best and most improved one out there in the market,  but because they get destroyed by little hands or end up in the water.

Yes you heard me well.

I confess the nicest cameras I’ve had have all ended up while out of town on a vacation in the water.

Camera #3 ended up as we went overboard in the Boise river. Let me just remind you nobody EVER goes overboard in the mild currents of this river except some funky Colombian family. Below last picture taken with that camera what seemed like a looooong time ago. Wet lens is already visible but I would have rather had a wet lens than having to wave good by to it as it floated in “evil” waters.


I confess I don’t learn my lesson and it happened again and the habit continued on after this and throughout the years.

I confess it happened again during my vacation to Aruba within hours of arriving to our destination. Which meant 9 days without a camera of my own.

Below last picture of a happy gal with her friend enjoying some fresh, right out of the tree, mango juice at sunset with tropical music playing in the background. Little did I know what was about to happen…you can guess…

I confess I’m freaking out because I don’t know how to keep up this blog without a camera and I don’t know how to keep up with life without documenting my moments. How much longer am I supposed to live on borrowed cameras or borrowed photography skills???

I miss my camera!

I confess I actually understand Amor when he tells me he will not pay for another camera for me..never…NUNCA!!

Heard about my cell phone problem? Well, that one is about the same, the difference is that instead of 12 times, you can double that and double that again. I’m stuck with a cheap phone because from his part that’s all he will risk on me.

But that’s another story that will go on another confessional.

I confess I’d like some sympathy and hopefully hear from others that I’m not the only one.

I confess I think the tooth fairy should swap jobs and instead of visiting my children should come as the camera fairy to visit ME.

If you care about me don’t ever let me borrow your camera. If you love me help me get one anyway for I am more than just a girl who doesn’t get along with her camera.




  1. From you pictures I would bet you get perfectly along with your camera !! :)

    New follower from the blog hop!!! :)

  2. MMMhhhh, maybe the camera is the one that doesn't get along with you... Because everytime that you look ugly in the pictures, you blame the camera... Jajajajaj

  3. I have that kind of luck with camera's too, now the Hubs won't even consider buying one unless we can get extra warranty on my clumsiness!

  4. haha! oh the woes that go along with technology+kids. cute pics though;)

  5. When you told me you broke your camera in Aruba, I knew it was a sign... you are meant to have an SLR. Come on Amor... go buy this girl one ASAP. :)

  6. well your pictures are amazing, so i hope the camera fairy does keep you in mind!

    thanks for linking up!!

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  8. That cracks me up. I am a constant wallet/keys/ID card loser. My hubby gets sooo insanely frustrated!! SOOO frustrated! The worst part is that when I lose my ID- he gets counseled by his commander and then we have to go to the MP station and file a report... it is an all day process that he has to be with me- soooo mad when this has happened twice in two years we have lived here!!

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  11. Hahaha, you are too funny, girl!!! I'm the same way, but with sunglasses. I go through at least 12 pairs a year. I've learned to buy the cheap-o ones because it never fails that the expensive ones get left behind on the restaurant patio table, or dropped in the lake, or (insert any other scneario here b/c I'm sure I've done it).

    Followed you over here from you comment on Amy's blog. I just had to see the girl who tries on lipstick in the store! ;o) xoxo, Sarah Kate

  12. LOL! I hope you you can hold onto the next camera :)

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