June 11, 2011

A few good men

How can success be measured in a man?

By the net worth of his fortune ?
By the possessions he displays ?
By the vastness of the land he owns or
by the notoriety he's achieved thru great deeds,
if only to satisfy his own ego or greed.

If I could choose something to make me successful
it would be, to be thought of as an honest man
a caring partner and father, and at the end
to have but one good friend, and a loving family
who will morn my passing and remember me
not as great, wealthy, or notable but, only as an honorable man.


In honor of father’s day approaching I think of my dad for he is a true man of honor. I inherited so much good from him. I owe him WHO I AM. If only the world would have more men like him, then there would be more joy, more compassion, more respect, more laughter, more understanding.

And then next to him, his friend and the missionary, who 37 years ago in Barranquilla-Colombia introduced him to the gospel and a better life centered in Christ’s love and His light. This then 19 year old missionary left his country, family, comforts and everything else behind to humbly serve for two years. He did not only change one life or two, but also the lives of many generations that would follow others he taught including my parents. Among those you count me, my brother, our children and so it goes on and on. Terry Lee Wade was recently called an area seventy (a general authority) in our church. Another man of honor.

 Truly blessed to have them in my life.



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  3. What a lovely post!!! It's great to hear an inspiring story like this one! :O) So wonderful that they have remained friends after so much time, too!

  4. Hi!
    Great snapshot and memory thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. I love this post. Such a cool story. We are ALL grateful for that man. :)

  6. A wonderful tribute to your dad - thanks for sharing it!

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your father - I absolutely loved reading it. Thank you for sharing a man like him with us

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    What a lovely piece honoring your dad.

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  9. So beautiful!It is really inspiring to see how someone can change another person's life for the better and have that change extend to his children and grandchildren. This totally made me smile!