June 7, 2011


Not every year you can have such a significant birthday. Not every year you turn 21. Today I’m specially loving celebrating 21 (not for me..I wish though…) all over again. My friend and neighbor Laynee turned 21 and we celebrated with a fun outing.


I know, I know! I know we have a big gap in our age difference and she could easily be my little sister but Laynee is like no other 21 year old. We have a very good relationship, my kids adore her and her youth and desire to enjoy to the fullest keeps me motivated each and every day. I am really lucky to live where I live, to have “family” surrounding me for my AMAZING neighbors indeed feel like family to me.


So we took her to this Mexican place, which cannot get any more authentic. And some of my Zumba friends joined in the fun, too


The place had live music, a mariachi band and some of the best Mexican food in the valley. We got sung and serenaded to. Here the singer doing an imitation of Elvis with the song “Fools rush in.” And as a new song or genre would start, he would change hats or wigs. He was pretty funny!


P6040928                            P6040934

We finished our evening with happy hearts and happy tummies. We finished our evening by remembering to hold on to our youth and to continue living life to its fullest.

P.S. Loving my hair headband I got at Claires

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  1. OK, these were so much fun! Loved them all.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet friend.

  2. Yep. You live a charmed life. What a great outing!!!

  3. How fun! Your family is adorable.

    Would love it, if you're interested to join in on my Friday - A Family Lives Here posts. Here's what it's about. Here's are some current posts.
    We post every Friday! Cheers!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous night!

  5. Ooooh looks like you ladies had fun!! Cheers to your dear friend on her birthday!! Happy Tuesday!

  6. Love celebrating birthdays! and yes 21 is the best :) Wish I had done more for mine haha oh well! Great photos :)

  7. At some point, age is just not a factor in determining friendship. Good for you two for finding each other. And happy birthday to her!


  8. What a great way to spend an evening...friends, food, and fun! Thanks for visiting us at June Makes Six.


  9. Sounds like an amazing night!

    Come link up tomorrow for Thankful Thursday and let us know what you're thankful for this week!

  10. ahhhhhh 21, I'm trying to remember butit's hard. hahaha Looks like you had a great time ;)