May 29, 2011

Spiderman Party

Tyler turned 3. He is the son of the girl who knows me the most. The one who has been there all along, the one childhood friend who has witnessed my journey. You might as well say she is like my sister and therefore making Tyler like my nephew.

Because of that, I wanted this all- blue, all- Spiderman little fellow’s birthday party to turn out a little extra special. 
The favor bag’s Spiderman silhouette and napkin rings were designed using Photoshop. The Spiderman faces we printed on cardstock and then glued them to the bags. The napkin rings were printed on regular computer paper, wrapped around the napkins and glued on the edges to make them stay.

Food table. Silverware, plates and cups were placed in buckets from the Target dollar spot. ($2.50 each). Because of the 4tyh of July they are selling lots of those in red and blue colors. Great deal!

Kids enjoying

A cute thing…
trying to blow someone else’s candle

The two Toto’s. Pure coincidence we both started calling our sons Toto. Who knows where we got the name from. Again, it’s gotta be a Colombian thing.

Tyler’s parents and a sweet couple.
Happy 3 Tyler. Can’t wait to share many more birthdays with you.



  1. Looks like the party was a success. What a great friend you must be to have!

    I am following you GFC.
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  2. Great theme! Love the spidy cookies! =)

  3. Love what you did with a "spidey" theme! I have a little 3 yr old coming home soon - he's 4th birthday may end up looking a bit like this! :)

  4. Hello Vivian! I love the birthday theme. Happy Birthday to Tyler.

    Aside from the colorful party pics, I would like to say that I love your outfit in the first pic. Is it a top or a dress? Whatever it is I love the style! :)

  5. Hi there! Visiting from the FNF bloghop. Great party! I love the web cookies ;) I am a new follower ;) Please stop by Diaper Style Memoirs and follow back :) Check out and enter the amazing Honeycup Giveaway while you're there!

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