May 4, 2011

She came back

eden 1st bday 059-1

The first friend I made my first week in college was Lisa. I was still pretty new to the US. Lisa took the time to ease my transition into this new world for me. I was all alone. My family was still living back in Colombia. She was my everything.

Throughout the years, although not always close, we kept in touch and even went to the same church for a while.

One day the news came that she got hit by a drunk driver while in the car with her sister and newborn baby. They all survived. Lisa though, took the worse hit and in addition to her bodily injuries, ended up in a coma for months.

It’s miracle she is ALIVE.

It’s a miracle her eyes opened again.

It’s a miracle her body regained its abilities and still continues to do so.

It’s a miracle her memories, once gone, are coming back.

One evening visiting with her was long enough to be taught a lesson: To be better at cherishing the moments I have with my family and loved ones and to express my feelings often for I don’t know if tomorrow I’ll get that chance.

eden 1st bday 060-1

Today I embrace the camera together with my friend. She deserves it. There was no one else that night I would have rather be with than with a being who went to heaven and came back to tell. 



  1. WOW, what an amazing story of survival. I cannot imagine the nightmares she must have of that day. Her BABY was with her too! My anxiety always gets the best of me and my biggest fear is a car accident with Sebi. And to know all that was because of drunk driving. Grrr...

  2. What an awesome story and wonderful pictures!