May 9, 2011

No more T-Ball

Because the official Baseball season started May 1st, a day after Toto’s birthday, he is now 5 and playing ROOKIE! Crazy! I still picture him as this little boy batting with the T, but not anymore, now he still is this little boy batting with machine pitch.

This is where you find me every other day of the week, and so far Utah weather has not cooperated so I have been freezing my butt off lately. But anything to not miss on this little league player in the making.

eden 1st bday 013-1

   eden 1st bday 012

eden 1st bday 007-1


  1. Following you back! Thanks for stopping over!

  2. Very cool pictures! How did you do that? Thanks for stopping by, today!

  3. Hi Vivian visiting from This&That via your comment. I believe most Krispy Kreme locations do tours. We arranged ours for our little playgroup so it doesn't have to be an official school. We just had to call in advance and tell them how many. It only cost $1 per child.

    Fun photos!

  4. He looks so cute in his little helmet. Fun stuff!

  5. Aw, so sweet! They grow up so quickly! Hope he has a great season!


  6. Love how you made the photo about him (even though he is there with his team mates) by selective coloring. The boy and sports, so fun to watch and see them grow!