May 2, 2011


Look who turned 5: My Prince!!

Five full years of tender touches, warm smiles, soft kisses and many many “Mami I love yous”

I love you back my son. I love you without measure.

A new McDonalds was built in the neighborhood and given that this is his favorite place and that he never gets to go to because he has a weird healthnut mom, I decided for this one time, his special day, I would indulge him in the things that otherwise he would never get from me: like an outing to McDonalds. OK maybe I’ll give in again some other time…

eden 1st bday 124

We reserved the playland and decorated the tables with balloons that went with the theme color: blue, yellow and green. The cupcakes were also in those colors and so were the goody bags (favors) that each child got to take home.

The kids had their happy meals and spent their time getting wild on the playground as we the parents also had an enjoyable time with each other’s company. I truly have THE BEST family, the BEST friends. Here is a sample of a birthday not to be forgotten:

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  The Friends 
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The Handsome BOYS
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The mini DIVAS
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The Baby and her favorite food: Cupcake with blue frosting
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The Utah Latin Housewives :)
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 The Singing and Mami really excited to do it…of course!
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The Opening of the gifts and feeling like Christmas all over again.
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Can’t wait for an infinity of birthdays with you TOTO!!


  1. Ahh... I'm glad our special little guy had a good birthday.

    And I didn't know McDonald's hosted birthday parties. Interesting.

  2. They don't! Some locations have birthday packages that you can purchase that include the cake, favor, etc, I didn't do that. As you see we brought our own cupcakes, decor and bought each kids their happy meal (at 10% discount by they way). This location because it's new just happened to do me the favor of giving me the tables and playland area (perfect!)...the owner is a local guy, whom I know :)

  3. How fun! Your family is beautiful. Your little prince looks like he had a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday Evan! :) Stopping by from communal global today!

  4. Ok, that McDonald's is awesome! So clean and lots of cool toys! My LO would have a blast there. Along with the other kids.

    Happy Birthday little dude! Looks like a great party was had!

  5. Your son is definitely Prince Charming! Kids and McDonalds... what a great combination for fun, right? =) Thanks for linking up with us at CG.

  6. Oh!! Is he HANDSOME or what?! McDonald's birthday party? YES, PLEASE! I would love one of those and I am 28 ;) Happy birthday to your big boy!

  7. Looks like so much fun! Your little guy is so cute!
    Have fun on your vacation! I wouldn't feel bad at all leavin the kids! Good for you!! Hope it's somewhere warm?

  8. Oh no, tell him to stop being SO ADORABLE! What a gorgeous little man. Or should I say big man...happy birthday!

  9. What a handsome prince, a lovely party, and gorgeous gift bags. I'm glad you let him have some McD's for his big day.

  10. What a fun day! You have such cute sweethearts!

  11. Looks like a great party! Love his smile, he was clearly having a ball!