May 24, 2011

The end for now

Time went so fast and spring soccer season is over. I had so much fun attending my son’s soccer games and for this “not morning person” at all writing to you, even the 8 o’clock Saturday games were a joy.

I remember more than a year ago, when he started playing, how everything was so new to him (and me) and not to his preference whatsoever. My son has grown physically. His soccer skills have improved and more than overcome any expectations. He has learned to love the game and so have I.

Being raised in a foreign country, I can only be but grateful for the opportunities that children have here to play organized sports. For the support of parents, the community and the coaches. I am blessed to raise my children here. I am blessed to be part of the community I’m in.

Here a small sample of one of the things that kept me smiling this spring:

My pride in his uniform. Team Name: Candy Cane Lightning


Best friends and soccer buddies

IMG_1502  One of those nice passes caught on camera


The team had their cheerleaders, too


And after being almost officially turned into a soccer fan, I was invited to go to one of the most important games in soccer this year. The Real Salt Lake against Monterrey for the Concacaf championship. It wasn’t until after I left the stadium that I learned how big of a game this was. To bad they lost but they sure gained a new fan.

 IMG00465-20110427-2005eden 1st bday 105


Que viva el FUTBOL!!


  1. Oh, these are just beautiful shots!! Have a blessed day...

  2. Nice pictures. Jorge turned me into a soccer fan on our honeymoon. What was I thinking taking a honeymoon during the World Cup!

  3. Hi Vivian!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my sweet shot. great shots of the kiddos playing soccer. I especially love the one of them in action. I haven't been able to get action shots without blur yet. Got any tips for me?

  4. Hello Vivian! I'm sure your son will remember and treasure this event because you supported him and the simple reason that you were there. :)