May 1, 2011

El Mono

If you translate the word Mono into Mexican Spanish then it means monkey. I think I’ve even heard that in other countries it refers to something lovely and pretty. Where I come from, more specifically to the northern region of Colombia, we call blondes: MONOS.

Vivian and SebiSo forget  the whole monkey thing. I ADORE this little person I’m holding in my arms: My nephew Sebastian, son of my brother and beautiful wife Jodi.  I guess you’d have to say it’s a Colombian thing this fascination for blond hair. And for those who think genetics always win, take a look again; this cute thing came out of them: P4234544

Not even the Latin genes could keep him from being a blond.

So I got my own baby with blue eyes, very remote chance I’ll get a blond baby of my own. But no worries for that there is Mi mono!



  1. Visiting from Simple things:
    He is a cutie!

  2. He is just so yummy! Thanks for the post :)

  3. Sebastian is a cutie! He is going to be a heart breaker!

  4. I especially love the brown eye, blonde hair combo. He's gonna be a heart breaker when he grows up! Visiting from The Simple Things.

  5. Cuteness! Babies always never fail to make anyone smile!