May 23, 2011


I am back from spending 9 days in Aruba.

While I was gone this this amazing lady kept up my blog. LOVE HER!

I missed my children but getting away was a much needed medicine.

I missed you, too and can’t wait to share about my vacation with you. But I still have a house to clean, groceries to buy and many errands to run.

I leave you with this little something I found in my daughter’s room. She is done with first grade and looking forward to an exciting summer ahead. It looks like some darling little boy will be missing her dearly. Shall I be worried?

eden 1st bday 229


  1. ooh Aruba sounds beautiful! can't wait to hear more about your fun trip!

  2. Hello Vivian! This is the trip you have mentioned in my blog. I will be looking forward on reading and seeing pics on your visit to Aruba. :) In the mean time, enjoy your moments with the kids.