May 2, 2011


I little while back I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award from her. I’ve been so pleased to have her as my blogging friend . Her site is so fun. She is so FUN!

theversatilebloggeraward I understand that this award has been passed among bloggers for a while, who share the same passion for blogging, and now I get a turn. As part of accepting it, I’m asked to share 7 things about myself, so I’ll try to share something you don’t already know:

  1. I’m a very picky eater, specially when it comes to meat. I don’t eat pork, very rarely eat beef and if I do, it has to be well done; if I barely glance at any rawness or redness, every inside of me will turn into a projectile. I do just fine with chicken and fish. I will not eat anything spicy but I do love mild curry and Indian Food.
  2. I have a very sweet tooth. I have to have dessert with every meal.
  3. I could care less what anybody thinks. I know who I am, how real the people  are who are by my side and the good I am doing in the world to even worry about other’s immaturities. After all, they are they ones who are UNHAPPY, not ME.
  4. I play the piano.
  5. I read (from a book) every night before going to bed.
  6. I don’t watch TV.  I have too much going on that I’m afraid TV would just interfere with my plans in trying to accomplish everything my heart desires.
  7. I find a solution for just about everything, from the biggest to the smallest problems. Most of the time it’s because of who I know and the resources they provide to my life. My lack of patience has been tested, so although I know for sure, everything will be fixed, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be on my terms or on my timeline. And I’ve learned to accept that. 

I’m also supposed to pass this award to other bloggers. Don’t feel like you are required to do it; I thought it was fun for me and that’s why I went for it. I understand we are all different and our priorities vary.

Happy Blogging!

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(Note: If you choose to accept the award, just copy the above image, link me in an original post, write down 7 things about yourself and pass the award along to other deserving blogs)

And stay tuned:

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  1. Congrats and thanks! I got this award a few weeks ago. LOL!

    It's always nice to get to know you a little bit better. I'm the same way about the beef. Well, not that bad, but I like mine well done as well.

  2. Wow! That is cool you won that award. I am the same way with meat and to add to it, it HAS to be marinated. I do not like my chicken to taste like chicken LOL. And also reading at night, dont you think it helps you sleep better?

    I think our only difference is that I care what people think of me. A little too much and it weighs me down sometimes :(

    You will have to teach " el mono" to play piano. I want him to play it.