May 30, 2011

ARUBA: one happy ISLAND

Nothing can describe the excitement of arriving there. Below I managed to capture our first hours in the Island which included our friends: The iguanas. They were EVEYWHERE, reminding me how they also roamed around, as I went from class to class as a student of the German School in Barranquilla.  So yes you can say I was very used to our new friends. 
We also made it to this little Colombian eatery, to which we would return again and again throughout our trip. Maduros anyone? Or how about grilled chicken and grilled steak with Manzana Postobón? (BIG SIGH)
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Well, they say a picture can tell more than a thousand words.

I’ve been back for a week now and I dream of this place still.

Every day my feet would touch this waters
Aruba 4

And every night I would go to sleep seeing this 
  The ocean was warm, calm and perfect
246876_10150201635533936_570398935_6994935_5769895_n (1)
The pool was fun, relaxing and romantic
 Aruba 32

There were some very happy reunions

We could have easily gotten used to the laid back lifestyle of bikinis and bare feet. We loved the camera…can you tell?
Aruba 34

And I loved feeling the sun and treasuring having the ocean once again near me just like how I grew up

Some of our adventures included a trip to the fort and the wishing stones. There were hundreds of small stones stack one on top of the other one. They say that if you make a wish and come back in a year your stones will still be there and your dream will come true. Aruba, I’ll see you next year!
beach 2

No trip to Aruba is complete without going to one its most famous landmarks:
The lighthouse
eden 1st bday 044

Without a doubt and with all good reason, your sightseeing adventures have to pause, so that you can enjoy the best the island has to offer: Agua ‘e coco!!  How lucky are they to be able to get those right from their own backyard!  ** After you drink the coconut water, the guy cuts the coconut for you with the machete and you eat the inside with lemon and salt. Very refreshing and delicious.

Here with the owner of the coco stand and fellow Barranquillero. Once again proving that the island, probably due to its proximity, is full of my people. Viva Colombia! Viva Aruba!
 eden 1st bday 050
eden 1st bday 053eden 1st bday 046  eden 1st bday 051

We also went on a snorkeling adventure. I hang out with my friend, the starfish, and then rested in the water, while everyone had a delicious lunch. Seasickness can be tough!
247886_10150201680273936_570398935_6995367_7546003_n247186_10150201681413936_570398935_6995398_3934973_n 255564_10150201680318936_570398935_6995370_8176787_n
Doing what we know how to do best: mingling with the locals and learning the life and culture of the place
eden 1st bday 152219969_10150269046116000_539445999_9883868_6119911_o 

And downtown Aruba looked something like this: Small but charming 
eden 1st bday 129

See more of its architecture in its homes, stores and schools

Did you think I would not do any dancing on my trip? No way! Here at a place called Confessions. I have never seen such a mix at a dance place.They had it all: White, Black, Island Natives, Hindu, Latin, but again that is Aruba for you.  

I’ve always said the best vacations are those, that besides having the beach involved, have a friend you can turn to. My lifelong and next door neighbor growing up lives now in Aruba. 
Mi Vero cuanto te adoro y ya te extraño tanto.
She made our stay after our husband’s left: SIMPLY INCREDIBLE. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER imagine that I would end up dancing with her dad. The one that as a little girl inspired me to run as fast as I could because then I had visions of monsters and wizards. Well, he is no monster after all and we danced and sung to this Vallenato called Que bonita es esta vida. A song about the beauty of each morning, the beauty of each day, the beauty of life where hardships are minimum when we have the company of those who truly love us.      

   Another sample of the good times…and my curly hair ;)
girls 2

All in one night: Strolling down the colonial streets of downtown Oranjestad, fresh bread and pastries from the Colombian bakery, more Maduros at a Cuban restaurant and singing Juan Luis Guerra Bachatas accompanied with the guitar by a very talented local performer. 

One night we decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to eat and hang out where the rest of the tourists do: There we got Sr Frogs, Hard Rock Cafe, Italian Pizza, etc etc. Not the reason I went to Aruba…but just as FUN!

Our days could have never been the same without these local carritos or food carts/stands and the lizards visitors under our tables while we ate. 
eden 1st bday 155
Aruba 26Aruba 20eden 1st bday 153 eden 1st bday 160

The food was to die for: arepas all sorts of seafood, sancocho,etc.
Food Aruba 11

OH Aruba you made me LIVE AGAIN! Thank you a million for a UNFORGETABLE time.

You are indeed ONE HAPPY ISLAND

P.S. On my way to the airport I couldn’t leave without having another one of these: Pan con bocadillo (bread with guava paste inside) and my Manzana Postobon, of course.


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  1. Hello Vivian! You just don't know how much I enjoyed this post. I don't had the chance to travel to different places so most of the time I am left with pictures from blogs that I follow.

    You are right, all pictures speak a thousand words. Or I mean stories. All the pictures relate stories that you will forever treasure. Wishing you more trips and happiness! :)

  2. Visiting from ftlob...looks like an amazing trip! You have sold me on visiting Aruba the next time I do a tropical vacation, not that I need much convincing when it comes to a tropical paradies :)

  3. Vivian, what a wonderful vacation you had!! I'm glad you got to go and thanks for sharing it with us.

    It almost felt like I was there with you!!

    "OH Aruba you made me LIVE AGAIN!" ~now, that's how you know this is an important place for you.

    I can see why you are already planning to go back next year. It obviously nurtures your spirit!

    Maybe until then you can keep reminders around your house so you can still feel the energy and spirit of the place.

    BTW, I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


  4. I have spent the morning looking at vacation locations Aruba was not on my list my now I am going to check it out.

    I am glad you had a wonderful trip- looks so good.


  5. Looks like a wonderful vacation!

  6. Oh I am jealous. The beach looks amazing and warm compared to the snowy mess I woke up to this morning lol

  7. It all looks so amazing!! You had me jealous at the photo of your feet in the water!

  8. Wow...looks like you all had a blast. Beautiful pictures♥

  9. Trying to not be too jealous. lol. Looks AH-MAZING!!!

  10. The Aruba Travel Bureau ought to HIRE you!

    Until this post, when I heard Aruba, I thought "Natali Holloway!"

    You have given me new and much nicer images!

  11. i loved all the photos! my husband and i spent our honeymoon in aruba, nearly 20 years ago... it was during festival, but it seemed more quiet than this place in your photos. i wonder if it's grown up? :)

    ps: love the lizards, too!

    and thanks for visiting my site today~
    patty @

  12. So jealous you went to Aruba!! These pictures are awesome!!

  13. looks like a fab trip! everyone i know that has been there raves about it- i am anxious for a vacation but still hesitant with 2 little ones!

    BTW, new follower via the blog hop! you can visit me @
    xo, shari

  14. You just mad me feel like I was on vacation with you!!! I going with you next year! Hehe! I love all the pictures, and I LOVE your curly hair!! You are one HOT momma!!!! Thanks for sharing your vacation!

  15. Looks like SUCH a fun fun time!!! You totally rocked your suit, plus all those beautiful dresses!! You go momma!!! We've never been to Aruba, but after seeing your pics, we will have to add it to "our list" ;)

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