May 3, 2011

And I’m thankful for my TEACHER

The other night as we were saying our prayers, my little Star thanked Heavenly Father for special blessings like her home, her family, her friends, and finally her teacher. And then proceeded to say how much she missed her when she was not in school.

I can’t thank this first grade teacher enough for her love and dedication. Because of her, my daughter has obtained a solid foundation in her education and has learned invaluable lessons that will go with her throughout her life.

I thank her for loving my child, after all my daughter spends most of the day with her; and for showing all those first graders that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

FLY FLY FLY…the never-ending sky is the LIMIT.

Not even a simple appreciation gift could express my immense gratitude for a job well done.

Glass vase and pencils from the dollar store 

eden 1st bday 003

Hot glue gun

eden 1st bday 004

Attach the pencils to the vase one by one

eden 1st bday 006

Add some ribbon and the Thank you tag and you get: A Pencil Vase

eden 1st bday 017

And continuing with the school talk, Toto is starting Kindergarten.

This package makes it seem so much more official, so much more real. And I am so not ready for this. Not him…(tear)



  1. Very cute pencil vase. If I hadn't already made teacher appreciation gifts those might have been made. :)

  2. Hello Vivian! I am a part time educator and I'm sure your kid's teacher will never forget your words of appreciation once she read your post. Being an educator entails a big responsibility. Teachers in one way or another have a role in the success and future of every kid. I seldom hear parents thanking and appreciating the teachers of their kids. You just don't know how much you made me feel happy too as an educator. :)

  3. Nice idea, the pencils! Thanks for your wishes btw =)

  4. Thats really cute! I have never thought of that!!

  5. I have to agree, when I was teaching, it made my day when I got little gifts or words of appreciation like that. So good to instill respect for educators onto our kids.

    Cute vase too. How did you get it so perfect like that? When I use hot glue, it turns into a stringy mess! :)

  6. Vivian, you have an absolutely beautiful family!! I love the picture with the suspenders, so cute!!! So awesome that star has such a wonderful teacher!!! I loved my first grade teacher, I remember her vividly she was great!!! Im loving that pencil vase!!! Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment, you made my day!!! Im sooooooo excited to follow you!!!!

  7. What a beautiful, heartfelt sentiment, and brilliantly simple, yet elegant and wonderful craft! So happy I saw your link over at "Making It With Allie."

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  8. Cute and simple idea - love it! I'm your newest follower. I saw you at What Allie's Making Now blog hop. I'm having a blog hop too. You should come and link up!

  9. Love this vase idea! I'm going to share it this week on my link-love. Thanks!