April 26, 2011

A sequence of our loco Bunch

Some things you can never say NO to. To some people you can never say NO to.
La Madre wanted family pictures for Easter. The thing about this is that she was fully booked and so was everyone else. So we ended up doing a rapid photo shoot at the church after the meetings.
Although not our best pictures, as you view them step by step, one by one, our personalities and even relationships with each other are captured. And that’s why these happen to be some of my favorite pictures of my so- called- crazy- Colombian Bunch! (Long story I will get into someday).
Picture #1
  1. There are only three of us actually looking at the camera. When you have your eyes closed that doesn’t count. What was the “photographer” thinking????
  2. Baby Sebi is a NO. Abuela thinks singing “I’m a child of God” instead of candy solves it all. He is quite the center of attention.
  3. Kati and Toto are ready and we miss our chance for a great picture.DSC_0186
Picture #2
  1. Baby Sebi is a BIIIIIG NO NO.
  2. Abuela keeps singing, anything to keep him away from candy and its unhealthy ingredients. Baby Sebi could care less about Abuela’s tunes. ME WANT CANDY!
  3. Amor sneaks to get the candy. He gets caught because once again what was the “photographer” thinking?
  4. Vivian doesn’t want to do this at all!!DSC_0187
Picture #3
  1. Baby Sebi is calming down. He finally got his candy. There is proof of this atrocity (like La Madre would call it) by his own father. 
  2. Some of us close our eyes, deep inside wondering: “Why even bother?”
  3. The diva, aka Kati, thinks it’s just ALL about her. Of course no one is noticing that to tell her otherwise.
  4. Toto is DONE.DSC_0190
Picture # 4
  1. Abuelo happens to be consistently smiling for every single picture (that’s a first) but baby Sebi is more interested in stealing more gummy bears out of someone’s pocket.
  2. Vivian’s eyes are almost giving up. Her photophobia is taking a toll on her.
  3. The Diva decided to blow a million kisses and closes her eyes.
  4. If we don’t hurry we’ll miss our chance for good. Toto has been bribed with being taken to McDonalds. His attention spam will only allow him to smile one more time. The bribe doesn’t work.
  5. We almost got it.DSC_0191
Picture #5
  1. No two babies will look at the camera at the same time…NEVER. And one of the two will always cry, specially when the candy has run out.
  2. The bribe on Toto worked.
  3. The DIVA is back. No one has yet noticed her glamorized poses
  4. Vivian is getting quit annoyed. Her eyes cannot stay open for much longer; “breath breath…just one more and you are done.” She fakes it really well.Family 2
Picture # 6 and Final picture
  1. We finally notice The Diva’s aptitudes and ask her to save them for another one of her fancy photo shoots. After all it’s Easter and one of those sacred Holidays.
  2. Baby Sebi continues with his candy.
You tell me: Did we get it? I think after all that hard work you might as well say: WE DID!!!Family

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  1. Really not easy to take a perfect family photo, especially with kids around in the photos...

  2. HA HA HA HA... I know, that diva pose of Katy's is priceless! And with the babies, we desperately needed back-up; someone to act like an idiot to get them to smile. And did you see how fast your hubby was with grabbing the candy for him?! I was impressed!

  3. That was too funny! Pictures are always too hard to get. The more people you have in it, the more problems that can happen. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hilarious! My MIL wanted pics for Easter, too, and it was a nighmare!

    I'm following you from the I Love Bloggin bloghop. Hope you're having a fantastic day!



  5. i love it! it is hard to take a good family photo!

  6. Hahaha! Hilarious pictures and commentary! I'm glad you finally got a great one. :)

    I'm following you back. Thanks so much for joining us again at the I love Blogging Hop at A Helicopter Mom!

    Have a great day. :)

    Mickey :)

  7. Haha...I love it!

    Getting the whole group to cooperate is quite a challenge!

    But what a beautiful family!

  8. LOL!!! Yes, after all the work, I think you got it!!!

  9. Ah, the ever elusive family photo. But when you finally get one, it's a great victory!

  10. Oh so cute!! So much like my crazy Greek/Italian/Guatemalan bunch!!
    You have a beautiful family!