April 13, 2011

My Easter $1 Tray

So I’m walking down the aisle in the evil empire (now you know how I feel about good old Wallie- and yes as much as I avoid going there, sometimes there are those things that you can’t find cheaper anywhere else and as a thriftier with the mentality of never pay full price you just have to succumb… blahh) and I spot these very colorful spring-like trays for $1.

They had them in all sorts of colors and to prove my theory of the effects of color on your mood, I picked the yellow one. I guess that day I must have been pretty tired and needed something that woke my eyes up.

I know I needed to get my entry way table all set for Easter so I decided I would use this tray for that purpose. But just the simple tray wasn’t enough. Sorry but I do not have a picture of the bare tray but instead I have pictures of:

Fluffy and chubby Bunnies from scrapbook paper cut with the Cricut

Rosettes out of burlap ( remember in my house I have LOTS of burlap calling my name) and some Easter ribbon I was dying to finally get out of storage and put to good use. (I will post a tutorial on how to make the rosettes someday; sorry! I never seem to remember to get pictures as I make them).

Modpodge and its magic

and in less than 30 minutes my $1 tray turned into my lovely Easter Tray

Come back tomorrow and you will see the rest of the displays making me absolutely happy on my entry way table.



  1. So cute!I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs!

  2. So...I'm not entirely sure I'm worthy of following you. But your blog is cute, you are cute, your kids are cute...altogether it's too much cute to avoid.

    I'm your newest follower via the blog hop! Hope you return the love!

  3. Love the Easter platter! Very creative! I am now following you! Hope you can come by my blog too.

  4. so cute. love the bunnies. thanks for sharing this at my party!