April 6, 2011

Like Sisters

Though I always wished for one, I never had a sister. Today I am blessed to be able to raise a pair of them and how lucky are they to have each other. I pray they will always value and appreciate what they have in one another.

At the same time, I am blessed that sooner rather than later in life, I met my “match.” There is no one else, even Amor, who understands me as much as she does. I guess on this one I would have to say it’s gotta be a Colombian thing (Sorry Amor).

Laughter is my medicine and there is no one else who makes me laugh as hard as she does.

Ever heard of those special bonds between people to the point that they can read each other’s minds? Let me tell you it’s the coolest thing!

Together we can write a book on our adventures and I hope we do. You also will get a laugh or two.

I don’t know if our time together is limited (she is a Florida girl), but I am making sure every moment counts and that we have many memories that will last FOREVER.

Para mi amiga LOCA: Gracias por tantos momentos lindos!!  

I’m REALLY liking my ring! Can you tell???


  1. I hope that my little girl gets to have a sister. Even though she loves her brothers, I really want her to have a sister.
    I never had a sister. But I'm finding my sister-in-laws are the best!

  2. I hate to break it to you but you DO have sisters... three to be exact! :)

  3. that is one amazing ring! love this picture and glad that you joined us this week!

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  5. Jodi: Thank you for reminding me that I have one more sister!!;) How lucky am I!!!

  6. I always wanted a sister and i am raising a pair too :)
    Love the ring !
    Have a great and fun day !