April 14, 2011

Left OUT

Whoever invented the ticket system to be able to get into toddler time in the library is LAME!

For people like me who are NEVER late, such “quality” is not helping in any way because I’m not getting into places. I guess tickets start being distributed 30 minutes before the activity, so by the time we on- timers show up there aren’t any tickets left.

And then I glance at the room and it’s half empty. This is the first and last time I’m staying out of toddler time, not necessarily because I’m going to waste my precious time showing up 45 minutes before. Management will hear me! It’s freaking story time for 1 years olds…RIDICULOUS!!

Fortunately, Baby could care less and is just as happy to hang out with her fun Mami and make her laugh nonstop. Some of those laughing moments are:

When she wears her Papi’s socks as leg warmers:

When she gets a hold of her sister’s sunglasses (only that if her sister would know then there wouldn’t be as much laugh involved…) and proudly shows off her find:
eden 003

Her and me: our time together is PRICELESS!…better than any story time :)
eden 005

eden 004


  1. Love all your pictures!! She sure is a cutie! Love the sock picture :)

  2. Pobre Baby... we've been going every week to story-time since Sebi was 4-months-old and NEVER have they done something like that (and it is a packed house). That is just so wrong :(

    Looks like you guys had a fun day though.

  3. awww sorry you guys got shafted! at least now you have tons of fun and adorable photos!? <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. This same kind of thing happens to us all the time! You have to show up an hour early to line up to get into places on time!? So silly!