April 14, 2011

I spy Easter

I promised I would post about the rest of my Easter Display on my entry way table.
In addition to my Easter Platter I also made this:

You may remember this ceramic vases as I used them here and how I made the newspaper eggs here.
Now look a little harder. Do you spot the Easter egg lights, too? (Bought them at Target spot for $2.50! Awesome deal!)
Can I just tell you that these lights have turned into one of my most favorite accents because when the sun goes down, I get to visit with friends in my living room seeing this:

Besides being thrilled about my table displays, I’m also thrilled to announce that:
I’m absolutely HOOKED! Blogging is officially part or ME!
I won again!! I will be getting some flowers for the girls’ hair here and a free magazine subscription on healthy cooking from here. If you want to see what I’ve won in the past you can look here and this from someone who’s only been blogging for 6 months :)


  1. LOVE your display! You have such a cute blog!!

  2. Those flowers are so cute, I like the feather kind.

  3. cute! Those lights are a neat idea. :)