April 8, 2011

I confess…

I confess I haven’t been sleeping enough lately and I’m amazed at the transformation taking place under my eyes. Thank God for concealer.

I confess I already have gray hair and I HATE it. My biggest fear is my head turning all gray and having to deal with coloring, and stubborn and dreaded gray hair that will never go away, ever again. I confess I constantly research for the magic cure.

I confess I just spent the whole week in work out clothes and zero make up. It felt relaxing and I was able to utilize that time that it takes me to do my hair, make up, and put on an outfit in other things of equal, if not more, importance (at least for this week). However, I must confess I am so ready to glamourize me…right about NOW.

I confess I am looking back at this week and can’t believe I made it and even managed to do everything (too much) I had planned for. I confess I always say the next week I will take it easy, but I never do.

I confess my cell phone never stops ringing and texting. I’ve gotten so used to “misplacing” it that now others know the hours when I tend to do so and find other outlets in how to find me. I confess I cannot get mad at them but simply smile. I confess I still couldn’t live without my cell phone.

I confess I will cry if it snows one more time. I want to soak up in the sun so bad and spent my days with my family at the pool. Snow Snow go away!
Happy Friday!



  1. I'm ready for nicer weather too. But here, it's gonna be at least another month before reliable warm weather comes.

  2. Wow buff arms in that picture!

    And I too will cry if the weather doesn't turn warm and sunny soon. Luckily no snow here, just rain and frigid wind.

    Gray hair can be hot... Anderson Cooper, anyone? :)

  3. It's been raining here forever, and I'm sick of it! I know I live in the Northwest, but really? At least today is sunny and almost 60! We'll be outside today.

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  5. Buff arms?? I wish! Some pictures can make miracles! Thanks for being so positive about the gray hair thing...but Jodi: I wouldn't give up on my my love for Bill Weir, even for sexy gray hair ;)

  6. Hi dropping by from ftlob. It's always sunny here in Singapore so I guess I'll never be able to understand the desire for the sun to come out haha. Your children are beautiful.