April 1, 2011

I confess

Eden with doll
I confess I suffer from a rare syndrome that only appears when I have to put my kids to bed.

I confess the anxiety I never had now reaches high levels as the clock starts ticking that dreaded hour. It's always chaotic and my kids are very good at the “I’m not listening and I’m ignoring you” game.

I confess that I can't stand them wanting one more snack, one more minute in the tub, one more book, one more...
I confess I hate doing it all alone.

I confess I don't even want Amor to be there because if he is, he'll screw it all up even more. For the idea of Papi being home equals playtime and only playtime...and of course he can't say NO.

I confess as I child I had a maid at my service and I dream the impossible: To have one now. 

I confess I want my nights just for ME and I fee guilty for wanting that.

I confess that the feeling of tenderness and peace overpowers any other feeling as I watch them sleep.

I confess even after all this I wouldn't want to be anybody else and I still want to be a mother one more time.



  1. That picture is too precious. Sebastian is also learning how to postpone bedtime. He will sit in his crib for a half hour chatting to himself before he falls asleep.

  2. I know the chaos that comes with bedtime. Why is it that is the time of day when kids can be the most active? My boys drive me nuts at bedtime. But the feeling when they are all tucked in? Wonderful.

  3. I'm dreading bedtime with the kids that I'm babysitting tonight. They're so ridiculous about it.

    "Ok girls it's 7:30 time to go upstairs."
    "That's NOT what mommy and daddy said"
    "Uh - it is and you were right here when they said it"

    I'm glad I only have to deal with it once every other month or so and not every night...yikes!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I feel you on all accounts! I hate the one more thing. For me, my eldest is ALWAYS hungry and it drives me crazy that he is always asking for food.
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  5. Awww I loooove this post :-) I can't totally relate! The picture is adorable. Love you Viv. So happy we can "share" a little of our chaotic lives with each other. Love ya.

  6. I can totally relate. I dread bedtime like nothing else. It is always crazy and chaotic!

  7. I love that adorable picture.

    I feel those same feelings at bedtime, you are not alone!