April 15, 2011

The Glass

Recently, one of the articles in the Ensign written by President Uchtdorf inspired me to write this post as he counsels us to Look for the Good.

When you look at this glass what do you see?
Some will see it as half full. Others see it as half empty. How you see it it’s up to you.

Throughout my life I’ve chosen to see the glass half full but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy to accept how others view it differently.

Why can it be so hard to find the good around us?

I believe you have to be taught to look for it, to take the time to see the bright side of things. It’s a learned skill and a coping mechanism for when things don’t go the way we plan it and adversity is part of our path.
colombia5 At the place that brings me back to life: Colombia

Marriage and motherhood both can be so draining, so hard to manage, so overwhelming but I choose to live the HOPE of eternal life and eternal families. With no easy fix and no obvious answer to the trials and difficulties at this time I will help the weak by staying strong and doing my part in recognizing the gifts and blessing given to us.

With a prayer in my heart I wish for ALL to see the glass half full.

With a prayer in my heart I wish to continue in this dance called LIFE!
 Doing what gives me more life: latin dancing

Finding a lot of strength knowing her and her love for life even through her circumstances.

And some struggle because true love hasn’t gone their way and still continue dancing through life. (Article is in Spanish. Warning: be prepared to laugh)



  1. Vivian, I featured one of your tutorials on my blog.

  2. Interesting post. Ah the glass half full. My husband always sees it that way. Me, I guess I am a pessimist and I always see it half empty. Guess that is why he refers to rain as liquid sunshine and I just call it rain! :-)

  3. okay i love this, and could your family be any more beautiful?! seriously!

  4. That is so true. This week hasn't been the best. But once I remembered all the blessing that we have, and that somehow all will work out in the end, it was easier to move on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!