April 17, 2011

Girls and Flowers

The flowers are out. They beautify my home. They beautify everything around me, specially those girls in my life.
There is a natural bond between girls and flowers. I grew up with a diverse selection of exotic and colorful flowers. I played with them and was constantly told that I resembled them. The words: “You are as soft and tender as a flower” to this day still echo in my mind. Thank you Dad!

Now I raise my girls to believe in those words and my son to know to always treat a girl like a flower.

I was gifted flowers by my parents, family, friends…and yes, this includes also that special boy ;) I can still remember every flower I was given and its accompanying love message.  My hair was adorned with flowers when I performed; I don’t perform anymore but I like to wear them anyway. The best days are those when Amor shows up with flowers for me.
DSCN3106 I LOVE flowers
Flowers are a girl’s best friend.


  1. Such beautiful blooms all round! I love daffodils - they are my very favourite! You are so right about flowers & females going to gether! Get to meet you via Simple Things!

  2. Beautiful... I can almost smell them! You spoiled Colombians and your gorgeous flowers!

  3. I love your photos! They remind me of when my sister and were little in Pennsylvania. Our Nana always have daffodils, tulips and gladiolas growing in the garden. Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. Oh my goodness when I was their age I used to love picking those flowers off our porch!!!

    Such a sweet time :)

  5. Sure d flowers look beautiful but not as much as ur little girls. d pics wudnt luk half as gud if it werent for d girls!

    m following u back!

  6. Hi Vivian! Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. You're girls are beautiful!! I didn't even notice the flowers - su belleza deslumbra a laa de las flores ;) (I'm not sure if that has a proper translation). Have a great week!

  7. Great photos! Girls and flowers so go together. Both are beautiful!

  8. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog. It is always touching to get such lovely comments.

    My girls and I LOVE flowers too...here in Australia we are blessed with an abundance of flowers in our garden pretty much year round.

    And daffodils...LOVE THEM!!!!

  9. What a beautiful and romantic post! I am not quite that romantic about flowers...Seba and I are really practical and I tend to tell him not to spend the money, but I love when other people can appreciate a truly romantic gesture!!!

  10. I love that saying! I think I'm gonna have to steal it and share with my hubby to teach our boys! And of course, my lil' girl!
    I love flowers and wish I would get more of them from my sweetie.

  11. This is so sweet, the flowers are gorgeous and what you wrote is really nice too!

    Tamar - linking up w/ community global

  12. So beautiful, the flowers and your girls! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos with us at Communal Global. It's so nice to get a glimpse of your world. =)

  13. I'm sure one day we will have flowers here to - - - - one day? Soon????

    Today though, we've got SNOW, lots and lots of it.