April 3, 2011

Easter Bunny Cones

I really wanted to get my kids involved in this craft. It’s so easy and yet cute and fun that your kids will have a blast helping with it.

Keep in mind I only spent money in buying special Easter scrapbook paper for sale $.17 @ Hobby Lobby. Everything else I already had from all my crafting activities, which reminds me: I REALLY need to get my craft room/corner in order (big sigh)

So this is that you will need:

Roll the scrapbook paper in a cone shape.

After gluing the edges ( I used modpode) make the holes on the top of the cone on each side with a hole puncher

Put the ribbon through

Add ornaments (eyes, nose,etc). I then decided to put some Easter grass and eggs inside the cones and use this craft as a daily teaching moment for my kids.

Each of my kids have this hanging on their bedroom door. The eggs placed inside the cones are being filled every day not only with candy and coins but things that teach them and remind them of the true meaning of Easter. For example today’s surprise inside the egg was a nail and we talked about how it represents the crucifixion of Jesus, etc.


So excited for a fun Easter!

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  1. Ok girl...this is cute and cool ! i just saw that you are LDS...Me too :)
    Love your confessional post. I love that you are real.
    Happy Monday ! Wasn't Conference great !

  2. That is a super cute idea! And really easy to do! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. How absolutely adorable! Love them.

  4. Oh goodness! How cute & creative are you. LOVE these :)

  5. love these cones - my kids would love them. Thanks fo sharing.

    embellishments by tina

  6. this is an adorable craft...although my girls are grown it is something I could do with my grandson...what a cute craft!!!!

  7. Okay, these are adorable! I think it would be a fun surprise to do that for my children one morning - just because!

  8. What a great idea! Might just be recreating this. :)