March 23, 2011


I’m trying, specially now, to understand the meaning of Spring: the season and time for growth, for renewal and for new life being born.
I’m surrounded by Spring and the beginning of better times ahead.

The blossom of my garden.

The upcoming arrival of a being who has been the closest to heaven than any of us

This baby’s mother and MY friend.

and the amazing analogy given by the circle of life as now our daughters, like their mothers, share precious moments together

Their silly acts of stealing one’s camera and take pictures of themselves and days later for the owner (me) to find those unexpected pictures, give me a good reason to let go and smile at the simple things.

Spring is simple, its beauty is simple to understand. There is always room for growth and time for a change and a lifetime to be born and to see being born.

Welcome Spring!

I heard this song about goodbyes and the end of a love and I had to know if, in spite of everything, she also knew Spring had come. I was elated as I found out it has came for her, indeed.
“…Only God knows how hard it is for me to leave you
and as I look at you while you sleep I will not wake you.
It’s just that today all my hope is vanished
because whatever is left between us, it’s not enough.
You are what I’ve loved the most in this life,
what I’ve loved the most in this life.
What I’ve loved the most.
How many times did I try to make it right
and I sinned by saying too much
Not knowing when where and how
all these years walking together
now they don’t seem that many…”


  1. I love your flowers. I am so ready for spring too.

  2. I'm definitely ready for Spring. Right now my wife and I live in a basement apartment, but there is a patch of dirt along the walkway to our door in the back that we can do whatever we want with and you better believe we are going to make good use of it! Love the flower pic!

  3. The fact that you just posted this video makes me like you even more than I already did! I was so disappointed that she didn't sing this at the concert I went to! All the other songs were fantastic though so that made up for it :)

    I never thought Shakira would sing another song that would touch me as much as "Tu," but this one did. It makes me cry! It touches my soul. And I am happily married (or was until my husband wanted to leave me because I played this song on repeat ten thousand times the first time I heard it), and have never even had a bad breakup. Just goes to show what a talented writer she is. Her lyrics always find a way to move me.