March 17, 2011

One Lucky day

Recently we’ve had our share of bad luck days, ranging from a flooded basement to knock down teeth (and unfortunately a lot more than that in between). Yesterday as we were driving on the freeway during major rush hour traffic in the pouring rain heading to the airport, our van broke down. I still can’t believe, after all the drama, Amor still made his flight.
To the contrary of the past days, today was one of those lucky days because:
I got to hang out with these little people
2 and line up for the clock to tell us when… 
Racing down hill before
to race down the hill like I was one of them.
Racing down the hill
And to admire Toto’s karate skills (he still wants to move to China and I would have to second that!)
and his victory dance (from winning the down hill race)
Evan's victory dance
And I got to, as always, highly enjoy her kisses
Vivian  her dance moves
and her charm
Katy Pose
And to marvel at the love of my parents newest legacy (cousins)
Katy kissing Sebi
And someone’s pigtails melted my heart5 and then baked a little St Patty’s treat for her family
Eden baking
that turned out like this (YUM!):
Cinnamon Rollsand gladly eaten by all but specially by this sweet guy with the sweetest tooth (Both, his dentist and I, know that very well…)

1 copy

  P.s. Don’t despair! Cinnamon rolls recipe will be posted in the very near future.


  1. thanks for sharing Vivian! :) your kiddos are so sweet and what a darling idea for green frosting on your cinnamon buns! Rebecca

  2. such a cute post! Awesome pictures.

  3. Oh my you are such a cute mom! I love your blog and you are so crafty, I need to take lessons! Btw this is Bri, the one who borrowed your quiet church book. My mother-in-law copied it and is going to try and do one for us, so excited! You are such an incredible blogger, way to go, it's so cute!

  4. adorable - love the suspenders!

  5. I love your older's daughter's personality! So cute!!!
    It's amazing how the green and the faded colors of the grass come together! Great pictures, Vivian!

  6. Your kiddos are adorable! Love all the photos and it sounds like you guys had a great time outdoors.

  7. What a great little photo shoot! Looks like fun!
    Happy Embrace the camera day!

  8. LOVE your blog, your kids are Beautiful!