March 13, 2011

An interesting phenomenon

While the rest of the people in our household run the other way by just the sound of the word chore, at least there is a being, a very small being, who still looks at a chore as a matter of play. I wish she keeps up with the good work.

On another note, this picture is the product of March Madness and the single most "interesting" month of my marriage: Baby left alone with Papi’s tools as he takes a not so short break from fixing a door to watch some phenomenon that leaves him in complete hypnosis. Such phenomenon his Colombian wife will never comprehend but is glad it provides a candid moment to appreciate the simple things in baby's life.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Sebastian is the same way with chores. It is so cute how they love to "help" Mommy.

    And poor Vivian... I am lucky the hubby only has his sports "moment" once every four years with the World Cup. Although now that he has joined those leagues he is gone every Friday night now too :(

  2. So cute! Love the sandal in contrast with her little foot!

  3. Such a simple, but perfectly sweet moment!

    PS. I can't believe you know Shakira! Is she as nice in real life as she comes across? She's one of my idols for her Pies Descalzos foundation.