March 22, 2011

Girls Night

It was my turn to host the girls night and I decided to make it really special; just the way I like to throw my parties. My inspiration came actually from my oldest daughter’s pink and black French inspired bedroom. I used some of her stuff as display for the party tables but luckily she was spending the weekend with her grandparents or otherwise we would’ve not had a party after all ;).
I spent less than $30 for the whole thing including the drinks and the food that I made to share. I will explain below how the money was spent.
In summary, we had a TON of fun. The food each one of the girls brought to share was delicious; they really took their time to prepare and make something exquisite. We laughed until we cried, we danced, we shared a night of rejuvenation and bonding. Only hoping for more of these nights to come!!!!!! 
A view of the Decor
Decor 1 The ceiling arrangements were made by making circles out of different shades and patterns of black, white and pink scrapbook paper with the cricut machine by my awesome friend Heather. I then sandwiched black yarn in between two circles of the same pattern and hung them from the ceiling at different levels. I bought about 10 sheets of scrapbook paper on sale at .57 each at Hobby Lobby.Decor 2decor 7For the balloons I created a teardrop feel so I just simply filled them with regular air and tightened them to some black tulle, which I also purchased at Hobby Lobby (5 yards on sale for .77 each and it was more than plenty for everything I wanted to use it for). I made two of these arrangements each with about 8-9 balloons. Each bag with 12 balloons one black and one pink cost $1.00 at the Dollar Store.
Decor 6
And because I had some extra balloons and tulle I hung single ones at different levels from the ceiling, too.
Decor 8
Both of these two ceiling arrangements ideas I got from her.
The beverage table: The round box and feathers are from my daughter’s room. The water dispenser and punch bowl are one of my most precious belongings since I use them for most of my parties. And of course see how handy Mason Jars can be? This time, instead of table centerpieces, they were used as drinking cups. And the pink straws: For those of you with little children you probably don’t live without those. I certainly can’t. I have hundreds of these in all colors just to make my kids meals and drinks more appealing; but again I tend to make my kids drink spinach juices and those sort of things ;).
We enjoyed the best punch made from a mix of pineapple sherbert (with real chunks of pineapple) and Sprite. DELICIOSO!
Decor 5
Decor 3
Decor 4
Plates, silverware, and cups from the dollar store. $1/package containing 12 of each also from the Dollar Store.
Printed the heel picture from the computer, used some scrapbook paper as the background and matted it into a black frame that was sitting in my storage room without being used. Now my daughter has a new wall decor for her bedroom. You can also see more of the feathers I borrowed from her room.
The pink tablecloths (in reality they are just big long pieces of fabric) I already had from previous parties. I just purchased a yard of the black and white print fabric at Hobby Lobby on sale for 2.99 and placed it on the center of the table. I also made pretty bows as I tightened the tablecloths to the legs of the table with more of the black tulle.  
Decor 9
The Food Table: I have several glass containers in all sizes and shapes that I’ve collected from the DI (thrift store) in the past for less than a $1 each. I decided to use them as the centerpiece for this table and wrap tulle around them. Love the way they look! Love the way the whole table looks. So appealing! The food is calling us now!!!
Food 4 I made arroz con pollo, although mine was a variation, you can see the recipe here. We also had chicken salad sandwich, Peruvian empanadas (see here for the best Colombian empanadas recipe), spinach and artichoke dip, etc. And for dessert…dare I mention? Just look at the picture! They were endless and divine.
Food 3
Food 2
And of course I have to show the lives of the PARTY:
Group 1
Group 2
Group 7
Vivian and Martha
Group 5
Danza Kuduro 2
…and more dancing -heard of the Brazilian stuff called Lambada??-
Lambada An Unforgettable Girls Night

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  1. Everything was PERFECT. Thanks for a FUN night!

  2. SO FUN! love girls Party! beautiful party decorations, i can see the jars!! what a great idea! the food looks yummylicious!