March 30, 2011

A garden party

I hope you enjoy these pictures of last summer when baby turned one and I threw a garden party at the splash/water park in her honor.
Garden Sign
Fruit and Chips copy
You probably know by now that I own many baskets (several) in all sizes and shapes. Found good use for them as we served the food in them. Silverware was placed inside real ceramic plant pots (small) that I got on sale for $1.00 each at Target. 
Fruit copy
A basket full of Tulips (watermelon cut in tulip shapes with cookie cutter)

The mushroom is an upside down medium pot with a flat platter placed on its top also upside down.
The cheese was cut with a flower shaped cookie cutter, add a raisin and held with a toothpick. 

Garden Sign 2
The cake was a dirt cake (chocolate pudding with a top layer of crumbled Oreo cookies sprinkled with gummy worms) Served in the wheelbarrow and also we had the individual servings in plastic plant pots (4 for $1.00 @ Target Dollar Spot)

Eden Picture
Sign in table and favors: More flowers pots filled with the green Easter grass and  candy. The flowers were made out of cardstock paper with the cricut machine. Punched a hole in the middle and in between placed the craft wire as the stems. The sign with her picture was standing but here the wind had just blown it down.

Cupcakes copy
Chocolate cupcakes. These are held by a shish kabob stick inserted into a half styrofoam ball that I had previously glued unto a medium garden pot and covered with green tissue paper and Easter grass.

Wheel Barrow
Gifts in the wheelbarrow

Flowers 1
Yes I like us ( a lot actually) but my intention in this picture is to show more closely the tissue paper flowers I made in different vivid summer colors and sizes and hung at different heights in the canopy.

Set up
Pinata copy One of many sweet moments: Baby’s first PiƱata

Eden and Evan
And we couldn’t miss my daily dose of joy (and not): Teasing of brother and sister

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  1. I love that theme for a party. And you did such a beautiful job. Dirt cake is a fun touch, too!

  2. que hermoso todo. good job!

  3. what FUN! adorable food and lovely baskets! always love garden party!! :)

  4. My favourite idea to borrow would be the tulip watermelon flowers- what others have you done?

    I am following you from the bloghop.

    Feel free to drop over to our family friendlyblog when you have a chance.

  5. wow! what a great party , you out did yourself. thanks for linking this to my party!

  6. You are a fab Momma, what an amazing first birthday party for your baby!

  7. OMG that's an awesome party! Loved the chocolate cupcakes.
    Newest follower from the I <3 Blogging Blog Hop!
    Come return the visit when you have the chance :)
    The Sleppery Mind

  8. We do have a lot in common ! I used to be a professional dancer and i love parties too !
    I have to say you have great ideas and your clothes rock !!Following you back. Come say hi when you can my Utah friend :)

  9. Everything looks great, I love it! I am totally in awe of your beautiful decorations.