March 16, 2011

The Bucket List

So, I found this giveaway HERE. She is so cool and I’m glad she is actually making me think to win something. So if I win, I can proudly say it was well deserved.

I’m supposed to write my own bucket list, which doesn’t necessarily need to have a time frame. Mine is of the things I want to accomplish if I decide to have another baby. Yes, you read it correctly. I know it’s news for some of you, but those of you who have known me forever can attest to the fact that I have always wanted “lots” of kids and as someone once told me, "It's good to have an even number." My number originally started with 10, now I’m down to 6…but open to four thanks to that nasty word biological clock. We’ll see what happens with all that seeing as how the three treasures I have now kick my butt from time to time, but I digress... here is my bucket list. Wish me luck!

1. Travel to Australia.
2. To be on stage just once more (dance, dance, dance).
3. Transform my legs and get them to look like THIS. A girl can dream, right?
4. Learn how to sew.
5. Make over my 4- year-old's room.
6. Get my food storage in order.
7. Take my kids to COLOMBIA.
8.  Meet Bill Weir. I am a huge fan and he is the reason I stay up every weeknight. Sorry Amor! ;)
9. On behalf of Amor: Learn to love "the game".
10. Start/Attend a Book club in Spanish. 

I am a firm believer that anything is possible!


  1. Ha Ha! I am laughing about the legs. I want see you in a swimming suit this year looking like that! Get on it girl, you can do all of this.

  2. My 11-year-old has been to Australia two times. I have been zero times. There's something wrong with that . . .

  3. ooohhh start the spanish book club soon! I will so join ;-)