February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Celebration GALORE

I can't believe it has all come and gone! My favorite Holiday of all...
Well what can I say? In between illnesses and lots of stress, we managed to have a fabulous weekend that lead up to a fabulous Valentine's Day.
Hope you all had a great day to remember!
My Valentine's celebration included:

*A Dinner Party:
(pictures below courtesy of Priscilla Briggs)

Like the centerpieces I made???
Mason jars (from the DI),Valentine's ribbon, wood sticks that I spray painted silver and to them I modpodged heart shapes out of scrapbook paper. (Thank you Cricut machine!) 
I also got crystal teacups -from the DI at .50c each- and put some heart shaped floating candles which were on sale at Hobby Lobby $2.00 for a package of 6. Super deal- HOT DECOR!!!
See how romantic and beautiful it looked!!!!!

Heart shaped floating candles

And the host made these. (Thank you Cricut machine, again!) 

And we had a delicious dinner which ended with some delicious treats:

Me with the host

Las tres amigas!

Los tres amigos!


This time I have no picture with Amor dancing...let's just say these pictures were taken while the hubbies were parking the cars... ;)

***A Sunday Dinner


Amor and I

****School Party
We (or shall I say I??) made chocolate lollipops treats for the kids' friends from school. In case you didn't know, I have a sweet tooth and no special holiday can go by without me making CHOCOLATE!
I guess I should say that the kids did help not only by at the end licking the bowl of melted chocolate but by writing their names on the tags.

Teacher's gifts ( The reason why I LOVE Target dollar)

I don't know but shall I be worried about the cuteness of this picture???
This little boy is such a stud and sure knows how to pose with a lady!

Adorable kids

Lately I have been spending the nights at a couple of hospitals in the valley dealing with my own sick children and other people's sick children.
The exhaustion caught up to me and while other couples were dining on Valentine's Eve, I slept and slept almost 15 hours; and that is the best gift Amor could have given me
I cannot complain. I got almost 3 full days of celebrations and that is a FUN VALENTINE'S! 


  1. Wow! Looks like a fun Valentine's weekend! I love the party decor. You did good!

  2. Vivian gracias por tu ayuda en la fiesta de valentines,tus jars estaban hermosas hicimos buen trabajo ahora vamos hacer nuestros negocio de party planners jajaja.besos amiga y gracias otra vez por todo =)

  3. Fun! What a great holiday. I just got an AWESOME program for my cricut. If you ever need anything cut, let me know. I can do just about anything!

  4. More Fun!! i can see the jars so cuteee! really love the photos, a great holiday!

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