February 8, 2011

A treasure on earth

They plan runway shows and model fancy clothes. They play make-up, hair, and nails. Their barbies talk about school and boys...and that is when I intervene....so then the subject goes back to school!!

They built their own stage and perform endless songs. The laundry room gets transformed into a club house where only baby Eden is allowed in. And then baby gets transformed into a "sassy baby."

Then I hear them talk about going on a cruise at 17 and I FREAK OUT! but I also must admit I laugh a little, too. Where and how did they come up with the cruise idea??? Let's just say: "Over my death body!" and I am sure you would agree on that one with me, right Heather?? ;)  

And somewhere along all these I also hear them talk about following in Jesus footsteps...and then I know it's all right, it will be all right.

They are very different personalities but together they fill the room with such an energy that rubs into me. They make me want to be a kid again, spontaneous, excited, adventurous and fearless.

It's not a dance, it's just the rubbing and friction of the hair against the carpet so that static electricity...: 

...makes their hair Wild and Crazy!!!

Dear Life: You better treat these girls very well! They are precious! 

They sure are a treasure on earth!! 

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  1. Oh I loved that! What cute pictures (I might have to steal them.)Maybe they can go on a cruise when they're 17...we'll just be joining them:)