February 1, 2011


What do you do when you have a bag full of tempting Valentine's candy?

Usually this is what goes on in my head: "Eat them,"  "don't eat them,"  "Guilty if I eat them,"  "Guilty if I don't eat them,"  "My thighs..."  "I better hide them from the kids because they are mine, AAAALLLLLL mine." etc etc.

Sometimes I don't resist to temptation like today!

.99 heart shaped box from Hobby Lobby

Hot glue the M&M's to the box

Add a little flower for a feminine touch (Katrina's box only)

And you be the judged. Can they be eaten still? I'll tell you tomorrow, since upon discovery, my kids call these: Edible Valentine's boxes.

Unfortunately, all along Baby has been tempted and gotten away with it. :)

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