February 12, 2011


***First off I would like to apologize to my readers about my last post. I had so many typos and mistakes. I guess that's what you get when you spend 7 hours in the emergency room the night before. So with no sleep whatsoever I ventured to post about Ree (because I was so ecstatic about having met her) and forgot to proofread! I'm a grammar freak, and seriously I am freaking out still....hope you come back...hope you know I was just sleep deprived!!! ***

On another happy note, Valentines' day is just around the corner and I have been thinking a lot about all the things, people and characters that remind me of LOVE. One of those is Mafalda, and her friend Susanita, my favorite childhood comic. 
Mafalda was written by Quino and her and her friends are children from Argentina but represent the mentality of many of us South Americans. To understand its humor you either have to be a native or understand the South American culture very well. I will try to explain and translate the comics and hopefully you get the point and get at least a laugh or two. 
Susanita is the main character for me today. Because of her personality she is the one I identify the most with the LOVE holiday.

Susanita in a summary

- Susanita's only wish in life was to get married to a handsome and rich husband.

- Her life evolved around marriage and a big fancy wedding. 

- She was born to find her prince and be the mother of many many children, one of those was to become a renown doctor. 

- Contrary to her friend Mafalda, she could care less about the destiny of the world. For example for her, poverty could easily be solved by hiding all poor people. 

- She was selfish and jealous having a hard time accepting seeing others having better "toys" than her and lived to enjoy the envy of others of her belongings.

- She had a big mouth, talked and talked and talked and called this her hobby. 

I know, as I describe her, it may sound crude, but the reality is: Don't we all at some point want the things that she does and act as she does?
As our lives pass us by and we experience defining events, these shape us and teach us that it's not always the way we thought it would be. Susanita was just a little girl, I'm sure life taught her otherwise but I still adored her anyway!

Here is a sample of the crazy things she said:
S= Susanita

M: "It breaks my heart to see the poor."
S:  "Me, too"
M: "We have to give a roof, a job, protection and well being to the poor"
S: "Why so much? It would be enough to just hide them"  

S: "Children, that's all I want in life"
she keeps thinking....
S: "Because the house, the car, the fridge, the TV, all that, I will ask my husband, don't you think I'm stupid!"

S: "Hi Mafalda, I came to let you borrow some magazines"
M: "You are so kind Susanita. They are very cute"
S: "PST" and taps her on the shoulder
M: "Doesn't it make you angry to know they are not yours?"

S:" What's that picture Mafalda?"
M:" The picture of The Atlas spaceship"
M: "Doesn't it get you excited? It's like holding the future in your hands?"
S: "It's really exciting! It looks like a lipstick!"
Mafalda leaves as she says " Oh my God"
S" What? You are not going to use lipstick when you grow up? Doesn't THAT future excite you????"

M: "It can't be possible that your only ambition is to be a mother. Susanita aren't you thinking about going to school?"
S: "I had never thought about that one before, but now that you say so, it may not be such a bad idea"
S: "It's very prestigious going to the Derby, being photographed and appearing later in the paper"
S: "Madam Susanita, in company of  her son followed in detail the 7th race"

Mafalda leaves her saying: "She is worst than Soup" (Mafalda hated soup)

Gotta go! Have a big Valentine's party to attend!

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  1. I remember this from Flor's wedding shower that we did together. Happy Valentine's Day to you guys!