February 21, 2011

So you think you can dance

SYTYCD had auditions for the show in my town. My cool friend got us tickets to go and be part of the audience. It looks like it's a new thing they have now by letting an audience during auditions. As much as I would have loved to try out, I'm past the age limit so I'm just happy with being part of it even it it was just from the stands.
Cameras weren't allowed. But we did see some amazing dancing! Can't wait to see what the future holds for those who made it to Vegas.
Watch for us on TV when the show airs. It was a small audience and the cameras couldn't keep their lens off of these pretty people (see below)...

About to go in..waiting VIP...no cold, no lines for us ;)


  1. So. Jealous. I really wish SYTYCD was around five years before it came along. I so would have auditioned. Now, I too am too old.

  2. Let's just hope now it's still around when it's time for our girls to audition! ;)

  3. awww you look so cool!!! Your always getting hooked up with awesome stuff mrs popularity! :)

  4. I found your blog through Heather's! So fun to meet you and go with you to SYTYCD! -Allison

  5. Awwww Allison you are so freaking CUTE! I had the best time with you, too. So when are we going dancing?? :)