February 11, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

Guess who I got to meet last night??????????????
No other than Ree Drummond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- The Pioneer Woman!

I am new to the world of blogging and at the beginning of it all I wondered often what I'd gotten myself into, and if I was really doing the right thing by spending part of the little time I have to myself in blogging. 
And then my sister in law introduced me to her and I literally had to skip a whole night of sleep to catch up and read as much as I could of her blog.
So Ree, to answer your question: Yes, I missed much but those sleepless nights have payed off: I have read your past, your present and hope to continue happily reading your future!!

My loca friend, who doesn't read (not as illiterate but as lazy, dislike, etc), who doesn't blog, who had never heard of the Pioneer Woman before, came along with me. I guess you can say bringing her along was a leap of faith. And then when I saw that her eyes were not blinking as Ree spoke, and that her phone was nonexistent as Ree made us laugh, and that she held the book in her hands (and that's a big thing!), and even took a picture of her holding the book...then I knew she was HOOKED and faith had succeeded.

But that's what Ree does. What you read is what she is. Funny, loving, accepting, friendly, caring, or at least that is how she made me feel: SIMPLY SPECTACULAR!

I had the best time last night! I had the best time meeting her and talking with her. Not that often is when you come across these special souls that touch your life. 

Thank you REE!!!  

P.S: I know you are wondering but the answer is NO, I didn't have to stand in line long at all to meet her...you know I've got my charm ;)...so worth it!!!


  1. That is really cool you got to meet her! I just drool over her photography and cooking blogs. Good stuff!

    Only you could talk your way into not waiting in line ;)

  2. So cool you got to meet P-Dub!