February 25, 2011


Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE to party? Because I do! I really really LOVE parties: planning, decorating, hosting, everything that has to do with the word P.A.R.T.Y.
Because I got a late start in blogging, I will be documenting "late" some of the parties from my past. ENJOY!

An Arabian Night’s Themed 5th birthday party
{The Décor}

Most of the decorations (even the fabric which I used as tablecloths) I collected over a period of two months rummaging through thrift stores. I bought several types of baskets in all shapes and sizes, and as you can see I found a good use for them: food platters, table centerpieces, favor holders, etc. I payed, at most, a $1.00 for each and .50 cents for the flat kind. The candle and candle holders I spray painted gold. The cake was the best marble cake I have ever had. 

{My Sweet Birthday Girl}
My sweet birthday girl had all the belly dance moves down. Notice the picture with her and the genie lamp? It has been in the family for 30 years, it belonged to her aunt since she was a kid.

{Her Little “Amigas”}

{Jazmin! All the way from Agrabah}
Jazmin's visit was the hit of the party. Can I tell you how hard it is to find someone to play Jazmin? Ughh! But I had connections and Katy's old singing teacher decided to do it. It was a great surprise for her. The kids played all kinds of Arabian theme games as well as sang and danced to some pretty cool music.

{Fun and Games: Potato Sack Races and a Piñata}
You know me and the potato sacks....but did I ever tell you how I found them? At the thrift store! (of course!) and I literally had to run to them the minute they were being put on the shelves. I took all of them against all convincing from other ladies behind me who wanted to split my find. I don't think so...I guess I'm pretty intense when it comes to DI purchases ;) To all of you thrift store regulars, you know those are the rules of the game: "you snooze you loose."
Also no kid can have a “true” party without a piñata. But I also got a good laugh caused by the commotion of the adults going for the candy (see picture above).

{And finally, what truly matters, the chance to get together with family and friends}

P.S. Did I mention that I LOVE TO PARTY? :)

And for all you "Modern Family" fans out there, when you saw the "Arabian Night's Theme" , you probably couldn't help but notice that “us Colombians think alike.”
(Fast forward the first five minutes and you'll know what I'm talking about).  So funny! And keep in mind this episode aired about two years after the party...so yes: "us Colombians all think alike."
See below:

Of course, you are welcome to watch the whole episode, since after The Amazing Race, this is the best show on Television....and I'm not just saying that because my fellow Barranquillera Sofia Vergara is representin'.

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