February 19, 2011

The object of my affection

I'm getting teased (in a good way) because of who I know. Let me just say I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I am who I am and happy with it and my path happened to have aligned together with those more influential to the world.
Yes, I do know a couple of renowned people out there, and when I get questioned about them my intention is to advise people that to me, they more than an object of fame, are an object of my affection. 

So with that being said, and while on the topic, look who I met the other day:

Olympic Medalist Speed Skater Derek Parra.
I have been a huge fan of this guy since I learned of him in 2002. Not only because of his Hispanic heritage but also from watching him compete, his sportsmanship, his passion and drive. I'm lucky to have met him!

My friend Daniella is visiting from Florida. I knew a must on her sightseeing list was to go to the Olympic Oval, home of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and many other national and international winter sports competitions. 

When we showed up, little did we know the World Speed Skating Championships were going on. 
We got to tour the facility for free and see all these skaters representing so many countries practice their runs. Such a cool opportunity and yet it looked like just us and my babies were the only people taking advantage of it. 
Toto (and baby, too) were fascinated watching the skaters breeze through the ice and to get that kid to just sit motionless and watch, it takes a miracle. Derek lives in Utah now and is the director of Youth Programs at the Oval. Besides coaching he teaches the learn to speed skate classes. See here

Can't wait for my little ice skating son to join!    

And looked who ROCKED the red carpet Thursday during the Premios Lo Nuestro!
My lifelong friend Natalia Cruz from Univison

So proud of you my sweet friend! Best to you ALWAYS!! Un beso a traves de la distancia!

Enjoy one of the funnest performance of the night! Makes me want to dance NOW on a Saturday morning!


  1. WOW! Evan is taking skating lessons from Derek Parra? 2022 Olympics here we come

    I love your jacket by the way. :)

  2. We love the Olympic oval! This post just reminded me of pictures we took last time we were there. I never blogged them! Thanks for the reminder. You definitely get perks and know people EVERYWHERE you go.

  3. That is so cool that you got to meet a life long hero! How awesome!!!!!

  4. I know I know! So fun meeting him. So fun knowing all of you! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. I love this post :)! When u surround urself with success you can't help be successful too! Glad to know someone as cool as you my friend!