February 27, 2011

Go Cougars!

Amor has been to a couple of BYU games this season and I have been thinking that it is not fair given that he is not even a fan...I’m the one who breaths BLUE!
It was imperative that I made a visit to see my beloved Cougar territory. Our friends hooked us up with really good seats. Sadly though, because of my “excellent” photography, you wouldn’t be able to tell. I am, of course, blaming my camera…and hinting Amor that mother’s day is coming up and he has no need to brainstorm for what to get a “mother in need.”

Before the game. (At least he was wearing blue...)

With the one like me, who misses every good play because of too much talking but is,above all,glad there's a replay screen:

The men who actually understand each other and left us to the side of their sport's affairs:

Some of the action:

And of course the Jimmer:

and his nice view:

and the only ones I payed attention to all the way...and the future company of my Katy, an in-the-making Cougarette:

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