February 3, 2011


One of the best things I got when I started sharing my life with someone else- aka known as marriage- was knowing that it is very possible to not have to pay full price for things. Hubby introduced me to the Happenings Book and from then on it was history. 

Our friends would always make fun of us because we would only go to eat to places that we had a coupon for, and then the economic times hit hard and our friends now want us to share our coupons with them ;)

So then after I fell in love with the "buy one meal get on free" habit, I got into using coupons to buy food at the grocery store; and then to buy all kinds of household items, clothing, shoes and services like haircuts, repairs, etc. 

My motto: Never pay full price! 
Even if you don't have a coupon you can always get a discount, all you have to do is ask. Don't be shy, just ask! 
I even negotiate discounts at the thrift store: You see items there have this tag with the price and date when it was put on the shelves. If it's been longer than 10 days, which means the item didn't sell, then you request a discount. That simple!

Here is a sample:
Every 3 months or so Smiths will send you reward checks or coupons for shopping at their store. I buy juice. TONS of juice. The passion fruit kind. 
Through my fresh values card (smiths own discount card) it gets registered the things I shop for the most and those are the items I receive coupons for.
To those rewards add the manufacturer coupon from the Sunday paper inserts. You can also get the inserts in the mail throughout the week so don't throw them away.I used too. What a waste! 
Or you can call the company and request coupons.(I have emailed Welch's many times when I run out of their coupons and the paper insert hasn't posted any in a while and they gladly mail them to me) 
Use both coupons together: $2 off when you buy two cartons at $2.38 each. 

Total for two juices: $ 4.76 but with the coupons ends up $2.76. Not bad for two cartons of my FAVORITE juice!

And do I have to mention that Smith's will mail you money for shopping at their store? That is another reason why I stopped frequenting the Evil Empire- 
and I'll just let you guess who that is- 
You won't have a problem guessing that one, right Jodi???

Last night I got pasta sauce for $.25, toothpaste for free, etc etc. SO FUN!!!
I consider myself a moderate "couponer" I know there are more ways out there, but I am happy with what I'm doing and specially to see that it works and I am able to save my family some major $$$$$$!


  1. Yep, being frugal is sexy! Have you signed up for Amazon Mom yet? I just discovered it a few months ago and it saves me fighting with Target's cashiers to accept double diaper coupons. With Amazon Mom, you can buy boxed diapers (and other baby stuff) really CHEAP and FREE shipping!

    I am glad my anti Wal-Mart rants have finally paid off! ;)

  2. Nunca he dudado de tu inteligencia y talentos. Yo, por el otro lado, soy fatal guardando cupones. Se me olvida que los tengo y cuando los encuentro ya es muy tarde. En fin, lo de Smith's no tenia idea. Voy a tener que hacer lo mismo. Que chispa que sos!

  3. Gracias amiga! Lo que sea por ahorrar! Toma practica pero sobre todo mucho pleneamiento. Un dia vente con tiempo y te lo enseño todo. Buena suerte!!!!